picture by Jowita Kaminska

The end of June is the tentative street date for the 2007 and long out of print  ATLANTEAN KODEX “The Pnakotic Demos” EP reissue. This new edition released by CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC will be as always a valuable collector’s item, enriched with 4 bonus tracks bringing the total running time to almost 70 minutes… when you want to buy an EP, believe us, you seldom can get better than this!

These are the details of the extra content offered on this release… bear in mind that two of the bonus tracks contained have the special guest vocalist presence of Phil Swanson from Hour of 13 and Briton Rites.

The hidden folk (feat. Phil Swanson – the first version from the limited Metal Coven EP)

The Atlantean Kodex (feat. Phil Swanson – the version from the New Age of Iron Compilation)

A Prophet in the Forest Demo version (Bonus track from the vinyl of the Pnakotic Demos)

Marching Homeward (live at Keep it True Festival 12)

Fans of early MANOWAR‘s epic sound and BATHORY‘s “Hammerheart” era should take note because “The Pnakotic Demos” is more than just an anticipation of ATLANTEAN KODEX first full-length “The Golden Bough” scheduled to be released via CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC on 2 October 2010.  This is an unrelenting force of epic doom metal from the band which has been named by the critics as “the best heavy metal to have come out of Germany in recent years”, an inspiring and subtly gloomy attack to your hearing sense.

We are sure that ATLANTEAN KODEX will represent another quality addition to CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC roster, bringing Teutonic classic heavy metal back into the spotlight of today’s metal. Pre orders are open through this website via Paypal, so CLICK HERE to order your copy… this release is bound to go down in history, and sell as fast as lightning!!

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