TWISTED TOWER DIRE “Make It Dark” Vinyl LP is finally out and ready to be shipped. All of those who placed a pre-order, do not worry, your copies are being shipped as we write this. As you can see from the picture, this vinyl edition comes equipped with a fantastic full color LP sized booklet to enjoy Martin Hanford’s  artwork at its best!!

If you still haven’t heard “Make It Dark”, be ready to expect a sound which is “Rhapsodic and unflinchingly ’80s, Twisted Tower Dire makes no excuses for its Iron Maiden and Judas Priest worship. But it’s hard to argue with the Virginia power-metal band’s arena-sized chorus, sung by new vocalist Jonny Aune. Throw the sharks some beers (okay, don’t, that’s water pollution) and bro-down HARD” –

You can purchase one of the 500 limited edition copies of “Make It Dark” through our online store… click on the Buy Now button below to be redirected, all major credit cards are accepted.

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