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VOID MOON "On the Blackest of Nights" DIGIPACK CD

VOID MOON "On the Blackest of Nights" DIGIPACK CD
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The roots of Void Moon's music are deeply buried in the historic tradition of Metal, following the path drawn by the godfathers of doom (Black Sabbath and Candlemass above all); but Void Moon's atypical offer will also please fans of Solitude Aeternus and contemporary bands like Hammers of Misfortune and Grand Magus.

An atmosphere of resigned pain and claustrophobic suffering flows on the entire work, finding its uttermost expression in songs such as the title track and the lamentous "Among the Dying"- with momentary outbursts of anger perfectly characterized by Jonas Gustavsson's vocal performance.

Performed by musicians who are fans in the first place, "On the Blackest of Nights "represents a genuine and sincere offer to any lover of decadent and oppressive atmosphere of which Doom metal is about.

Void Moon was formed in early 2009 by bassist Peter Svensson and vocalist/guitarist Jonas Gustavsson along with drummer Thomas Hedlund.
A first demo was released during the spring 2010, later released as a 4-track 7’’ EP entitled “Through the Gateway” 7” EP by the German label Metalbound Records.
Following the release, Erika Wallberg joined the band as lead guitarist and in April 2011, a second demo was released, entitled "The Mourning Son".


Review quotes:
"Wer sich dieses Meisterwerk des epischen Heavy Doom entgehen lässt, ist selbst schuld!" (Legacy 14/15)
“ I could easily liken this album to the experience of exploring ancient catacombs at midnight.”
 (The Grim Tower)
 “The songs are full of memorable choruses and are really easy to get your head nodding to. “
 (Heavy Metal Haven)
“I believe that the guys have managed to release an album that doom metal fans will love and in the future years will be considered a classic. 
 (Nick Parastatidis / Behind The Veil)


Jonas Gustavsson - vocals/guitars
Peter Svensson -  bass
Thomas Hedlund - drums
Erika Wallberg  - guitars

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