SLOUGH FEG, San Francisco’s Kings of Metal and Cruz Del Sur Music’s purveyors of that classic 70s-meets-NWOBHM-meets-classic rock, have recently taken North America by storm again teaming up with fellows THE GATES OF SLUMBER. It seems that the band has particularly taken Canada by surprise. We already have a few press clips coming from those coldish lands, one being an interview with Pitch Black Magazine , and another one is a show review from their performance at the Red Room, on May 29, supported by doomsters Funeral Circle.According to Pitch Black Magazine, it took quite a while for Slough Feg to get to play in Alberta, Canada. Bassist Adrian Maestas replied:

“I think it just took a while for local promoters to show some interest. We’re always interested in going to new places and meeting new people who are into it, but we don’t really cold call a lot of places. We kind of wait until people say, ‘Hey, there’s something going on we’d like for you guys to come and play.’

This is definitely an invitation for fans and promoters alike to drop Slough Feg all sorts of new touring proposals. With such a strong show presence and so many gigs and tours under their belt, Slough Feg is a live force to be experienced, otherwise you won’t be able to understand what makes those twin guitar harmonies, pounding bass and drum assaults and ironic yet very witty lyrics some of the best in the world of Heavy Metal today. Canadian fans already acknowledged this, so what is up next??