We‘re glad to announce that the recordings for ATLANTEAN KODEX „The Golden Bough“ have been finished. Right now, the band is in the final phase of mixing  the album. It will be sent to Mastering at Rosenquarz Studios, Lübeck (same studio of bands such as Warning, Isen Torr and Pagan Altar). The release date announced by CRUZ DEL SUR is the 2nd of October 2010. To celebrate the release, ATLANTEAN KODEX will appear live during a record release party to be held at the Revolver Bar in Lisboa, Portugal supported by Asomvel. You‘re all invited to attend this great event and headbang the night away!

“The Golden Bough” has been expected by many fans worldwide and epithomizes the best standard of classic German metal to be found around the world today. We asked a few questions regarding the release to guitarist Manuel Trummer:

Is there a concept behind “The Golden Bough”?
“The concept behind “The Golden Bough” deals with the book of the same name by James George Frazer. It focuses on the question of the relationship between magic and religion, especially in pre-historic cultures.
According to Frazer “The Golden Bough” was the key between the worlds of the living and the dead, reality and the world of dreams. In the same manner we hope that our album can work as a key to another world for the listener. A vehicle to escape the grey boundaries of today’s modern and shallow world for a while.”

What, according to you, set this first AK full length release apart from your previous releases?
I think, the songwriting is more mature and more distinctive than on the EP. You can tell any second, that this – without any mistake – is Atlantean Kodex. I guess we’ve found our style with that album. The ultimate
mixture between old Manowar and viking-era Bathory. I can’t think of any other band at the moment, who also plays this kind of sound.

The record promises to capture the listener with some intense, pounding and epic tracks.
This is the tracklist:

I. Fountain of Nepenthe – 10:14
II. Pilgrim – 11:32
III. The White Goddess – 0:56
IV. Temple of Katholic Magick – 9:05
V. Disciples of the Iron Crown – 4:13
VI. Vesperal Hymn – 6:24
VII. The Atlantean Kodex – 7:26
VIII.A Prophet in the Forest – 16:14
IX.The Golden Bough – 2:04

While you are waiting to hold this masterpiece in your hands, the best suggestion is to go and check a new ATLANTEAN KODEX song, “Pilgrim (Through the Ruins of Europa)” which has been just uploaded on the band’s Myspace page. Click here to listen!