SLOUGH FEG are a very special band to us. Purveyors of an extinct blend of classic rock and supreme metal, weavers of incredible melodies and ear ripping guitar work, they are one of long standing promises of American Heavy metal and have been one of the highlights in CRUZ DEL SUR’s roster for years. we know that, as you European fans are yearning for some SLOUGHgging, CRUZ DEL SUR had to try and bring the band back over to our shores for some blasting metal live action.

It is our great pleasure to announce that SLOUGH FEG has been confirmed for the 2011 edition of HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR which will take place during the last weekend of July 2011 at the usual location (Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany). Some of the other confirmed bands on the HOA 2011’s bill are Powermad, Striker, Meliah Rage and Torch among others…
SLOUGH FEG has been missing a real European tour since 2005, while having appeared for a fast Scandinavian blitz during Oslo’s “Metal Merchants” last January. It is our desire and will to try to wrap up a small European tour around the HOA dates, in order to satisfy the hordes of SLOUGH FEG fans still waiting for some of the Bay Area’s finest examples of heavy metal. If interested, we invite promoters and venues to contact us with an offer.

We take the opportunity to remember that in late October SLOUGH FEG will release their 8th album, entitled “The Animal Spirits”, to hit the streets in Europe by Cruz Del Sur
in CD/digital and in collaboration with Iron Kodex for a fancy vinyl collector’s edition. More substantial news about the album will be communicated as soon as they will become available.