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SLOUGH FEG European Tour at the End of July

We are finally proud to announce the final schedule for SLOUGH FEG’s “The Animal Spirits” European Tour 2011.  The band will play 10 more shows around their participation slot to the Headbangers Open Air 2011 across 5 European countries. The band will play Poland and Portugal for the first time ever in their career. We […]

SLOUGH FEG: Summer 2011 European Tour Confirmed!

We are finally able to confirm that, after much planning, SLOUGH FEG will be back in Europe to play an actual tour around their participation slot to Germany’s Headbangers Open Air Festival at the end of July. SLOUGH FEG will use this opportunity to play a string of other shows in Ireland, Germany, the UK, […]


CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC is proud to announce ATLANTEAN KODEX “The Golden Bough” record release party to be held in Lisboa, Portugal on Saturday October 2nd. The show will be held at the Revolver Bar and has been organized by The Forge

ATLANTEAN KODEX will be supported by some up and promising Portuguese bands, MIDNIGHT PRIEST (heavy metal like first Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate albums, check them here), INQUISITOR (speed/thrash like 80’s German thrash, check them here) and ASOMVEL in a night of unforgettable shredding and headbanging, feasting the release of one of the most awaited German heavy metal album of the year.

Tickets cost 15 euros at the door, and 13 euros on pre-sale, please write to aforja@aforja.org for more information.