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Magister Templi to commence European tour with Slough Feg this week

This week Magister Templi will start a European tour with San Francisco’s metal masters and former Cruz del Sur Music‘s Recording Artists SLOUGH FEG. Go and buy a copy of limited Magister Templi’s new 7″ Ep “Nyarlathotep/Anubis”, and don’t forget to pick up their Cruz del Sur’s debut “Lucifer Leviathan Logos”. The tour dates are […]

CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC: exciting news for April and May 2014

April is the month of Keep It True Festival, which will be taking place on the last weekend of the month. Cruz Del Sur Music will be present as usual, enjoying this great festival and supporting our recording artists Atlantean Kodex (their show is scheduled for Saturday 26th April at 6 pm). During the festival […]


Cruz Del Sur Music new recording artists TWISTED TOWER DIRE will perform a free show at the Divebar in Raleigh, NC on Friday January 21st, 2011 together with Earache recording artists HOUR OF 13. All of the metal heads out there in the steamy American Mid-South should head out for a night of entertainment!