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OVERMASTER: “Madness of War” worldwide release set for the 23rd of April 2010

The first OVERMASTER album “Madness of War” will be released worldwide on April 23rd by CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC. OVERMASTER features Gustavo “Gus” Gabarró formerly with White Skull on vocals, together with other professional and skilled  Italian musicians coming from past experiences with Skylark, Highlord and Edge of Forever. Over the sad topic of war, […]


Atlantean Kodex are one of the most acclaimed newer bands in the European underground metal scene. Rooted deeply in the sound of old Manowar, Viking-era Bathory and classic 1980s-metal, their „Pnakotic Demos“ EP has sold close to 2000 copies and has been praised by critics as one of the best Epic Metal releases ever.

With festival appearances at renowned events like Keep it True XII, Up the Hammers or Hammer of Doom, Atlantean Kodex have also made themselves a name as an intense live band who never fails to deliver the steel.