Cruz del Sur Music releases

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DARK FOREST "Dawn Of Infinity" CD

The philosophy behind Dark Forest has always been to play exciting, rousing, heartfelt heavy meta..

13.00€ 5.00€

ARGUS "Boldly Stride the Doomed" DLP GATEFOLD

Features two exclusive bonus tracks on a dedicated side of the second LP, ARGUS' personal ren..


PHARAOH "Ten Years" CD

PHARAOH was formed in 1997, quickly gaining an amazing success in virtue of their genuine love fo..

9.00€ 1.00€

ARGUS "Boldly Stride the Doomed" CD

Pennsylvania’s ARGUS stormed onto the underground metal scene with their twin guitar-driven..


ATLANTEAN KODEX "The Pnakotic Demos " CD

Originally released in 2007, "The Pnakotic Demos" EP sees the light again, after being ..


ASTERIUS "A Moment of Singularity"

Well here’s one of the biggest surprises of the year from Germany’s Asterius, a cosmi..


ENSOPH Opus Dementiae

One of the 2004's most acclaimed albums! It has been defined ""twisted and unpredic..

8.00€ 1.00€

PHARAOH "The Longest Night" CD

vast and adventurous album, full of bold songwriting, larger-than-life guitar, and a performance ..



Fourth album - first for Cruz Del Sur Music, for the US METAL legends, SLOUGH FEG! Voted among th..


ENSOPH Projekt X-Katon

"Projekt X-Katon"" is the last, exciting studio album from ENSOPH! The limited edi..

12.00€ 1.00€

BIBLE OF THE DEVIL The Diabolic Procession

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Bible of the Devil is a four-piece rock n' roll metal assault squad..

6.00€ 1.00€

SLOUGH FEG "Hardworlder" CD

The new, long-awaited SLOUGH FEG album is finally here! It was November 2005 and on a German trai..


BATTLEROAR To Death and Beyond

BATTLEROAR offers its best performance so far, showing an incredible tight songwriting, fast epic..


ENSOPH "Rex Mundi X-Ile" CD

4th studio full length album for a band that has built  its reputation on many live shows (K..

12.00€ 1.00€

CROWN THE LOST Blind Faith Loyalty

Formed in April of 2005 by rhythm guitarist David E. Gehlke, Crown the Lost is lauded as "mu..

12.00€ 1.00€

CRESCENT SHIELD "The Stars of Never Seen" CD

  Crescent Shield’s debut album “The Last of my Kind” was unexpectedly..

12.00€ 3.00€

PHARAOH / CANVAS SOLARIS "Tribute to Coroner" 7''

The record is simply titled "Tribute to Coroner" and already looking at the cover (a pu..


WHILE HEAVEN WEPT "Triumph: Tragedy: Transcendence - Live at the Hammer of Doom" CD/DVD

Recorded live at the Hammer Of Doom 3 Festival in Würzburg, Germany on February 6th, 2010 &q..

8.00€ 5.00€

ATLANTEAN KODEX "The Golden Bough"

One of the most anticipated releases of 2010, finally available on CD! Intense and emotional ep..