Cruz del Sur Music releases

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PHARAOH "The Longest Night" CD

vast and adventurous album, full of bold songwriting, larger-than-life guitar, and a performance ..



Fourth album - first for Cruz Del Sur Music, for the US METAL legends, SLOUGH FEG! Voted among th..


ENSOPH Projekt X-Katon

"Projekt X-Katon"" is the last, exciting studio album from ENSOPH! The limited edi..

12.00€ 1.00€

BIBLE OF THE DEVIL The Diabolic Procession

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Bible of the Devil is a four-piece rock n' roll metal assault squad..

6.00€ 1.00€

SLOUGH FEG "Hardworlder" CD

The new, long-awaited SLOUGH FEG album is finally here! It was November 2005 and on a German trai..


BATTLEROAR To Death and Beyond

BATTLEROAR offers its best performance so far, showing an incredible tight songwriting, fast epic..


ENSOPH "Rex Mundi X-Ile" CD

4th studio full length album for a band that has built  its reputation on many live shows (K..

12.00€ 1.00€

CROWN THE LOST Blind Faith Loyalty

Formed in April of 2005 by rhythm guitarist David E. Gehlke, Crown the Lost is lauded as "mu..

12.00€ 1.00€

CRESCENT SHIELD "The Stars of Never Seen" CD

  Crescent Shield’s debut album “The Last of my Kind” was unexpectedly..

12.00€ 3.00€

PHARAOH / CANVAS SOLARIS "Tribute to Coroner" 7''

The record is simply titled "Tribute to Coroner" and already looking at the cover (a pu..


WHILE HEAVEN WEPT "Triumph: Tragedy: Transcendence - Live at the Hammer of Doom" CD/DVD

Recorded live at the Hammer Of Doom 3 Festival in Würzburg, Germany on February 6th, 2010 &q..

8.00€ 5.00€

ATLANTEAN KODEX "The Golden Bough"

One of the most anticipated releases of 2010, finally available on CD! Intense and emotional ep..