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Brand: No Remorse Model: LP
Deluxe vinyl versions comes with 2 cover sleeves (regular in slipcase) and insert.BLACK VINYL.Side A:1. Don't Say Goodbye (Tonight)2. Burn The Sun3. Life Of Crime4. The RedeemerSide B:1. Birth Trough Fire2. Guardians Of The Flame3. Metal City4. Hell Or High Water5. Go All The Way6. A Cry In The..
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Brand: No Remorse Model: LP
Deluxe vinyl versions comes with 2 cover sleeves (regular in slipcase) and insert. BLACK VINYLTracklist:Side A:1. Minuet In G Minor2. Danger Zone3. American Girl4. Dead End Kids5. Drive On Thru6. Lothlorien7. Stiil In Love With YouSide B:1. Children Of The Storm2. Pictures On You3. Pulveri..
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Brand: Gates of Hell Model: LP
Hailing from South Australia, Road Warrior effectively recreate a time when heavy metal was oblivious to trends. The band’s eight-song "POWER" debut combines taut, muscular classic heavy metal compositions with an aesthetic that is unapologetic and utterly manly. For fans of Eighties US..
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Brand: Floga Records Model: LP
RED vinyl...
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Brand: Floga Records Model: LP
First time on vinyl, includes 24-page booklet!..
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Brand: Gates of Hell Model: 7''
New,  two-song 7-inch from Vultures Vengeance, a band who immediately impressed critics and fans with their Where the Time Dwelt In debut EP, their first release for Gates of Hell. With underground buzz on Vultures Vengeance rapidly growing, "Lyrids: Warning from the Reign o..
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PHARAOH "After The Fire" LP
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Brand: Cruz Del Sur Music Model: LP
Ground-zero, catalog number “Cruz01” and the album that started it all for Cruz Del Sur Music, PHARAOH’s 2003 “After The Fire” debut provided an early glimpse of the label’s unflinching commitment to releasing high-quality, true heavy metal. The album also positioned PHARAOH..
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Brand: Diabolic Might Records Model: LP
Official Release on Vinyl for the first time ! Tape only release from 1991 ! USA Legend Erotikill with their awesome killer Album - Virgin Speed !!..
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