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LADY BEAST "Vicious Breed" LP

LADY BEAST "Vicious Breed" LP
LADY BEAST "Vicious Breed" LP
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Originally formed in 2009, Lady Beast quickly immersed itself in the East Coast live scene, developing a reputation as a band who can seamlessly blend venerable NWOBHM sounds and thrash. Fronted by the charismatic Deborah Levine, Lady Beast’s studio output helped catch the attention of Cruz Del Sur, who signed the band and sent them off into the studio to record their sophomore full-length, “Vicious Breed”.

Recorded at +/- Studios in Pittsburgh under the supervision of Jason Jouver, “Vicious Breed” is Lady Beast’s most dynamic album to date. Sporting a wide variety of moods and flavors, “Vicious Breed” features the speedy title track, downright heavy “Lone Hunter”, the balladry of “Always With Me” and the straight-up rock of “Get Out of My Way”. 

Stocked with soaring twin-guitar harmonies, headstrong vocals, pounding tempos and would-be classic metal anthems, “Vicious Breed” is Lady Beast’s coming out party. With the support of Cruz Del Sur, it’s only appropriate Lady Beasthave their sights set on conquering the international metal scene. Beware…your town may be the next to feel the strike of the beast!  

"Keep an eye on this band and their energetic album!" - Rockportaal (NL)

"Lady Beast are able to write varied and well-structured songs." - Rock Hard (I)

"Full throttle traditional Metal!" - (GER), 8/10, Soundcheck Pos. 4

"Feisty Metal with a good dose of speed attacks!" - Mega Metal (GER)

"Heavy metal packed with energy - fun and power are guaranteed!" - Ultraje (P)

"Lady Beast remain faithful - great album!" - (GER), 8/10

"Great production and well written songs! Everyone who is into Heavy Metal should definitely check this out!" - Amboss Mag (GER)

"Lady Beast is a band to keep an eye on regarding the future of Metal!" - Classix Metal (I)

"Classic US/Heavy Metal with a fresh sound image!" - Scream Magazine (NO)

"Lady Beast is a blessed band! Hallelujah!" - Musika (BE), 89/100

"'Vicous Breed' is one fine selection of songs that delivers both speed and alternate tempos in a good measure with sticky themes, easy access and a high entertainment value." - Manic Mosh Magazine (UK)

"A very convincing affair! Fans of traditional female fronted metal should definitely get this one." - Lords Of Metal (NL), 80/100

"'Vicious Breed' reinvents the wheel, bringing sharp focus to the new ways that metal can evolve and develop in the 21st century." - The Median Man (UK), 10/10

"A great album with a great vocalist and a lot of classic references." - Metalbrothers (E), 8,25/10

"Classic and well placed Heavy Metal." - Queens Of Steel (E)

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