KING HEAVY "King Heavy" LP

-77% KING HEAVY "King Heavy" LP

Epic Doom Metal featuring Luce Vee of Hooded Priest fame on vocals and former/founding Procession bassist Daniel Perez
Recommended for fans of Black Sabbath's "Born Again"era, Celtic Frost's "Into The Pandemonium", Candlemass, early Danzig

Available in LIMITED BONE vinyl (150) and REGULAR BLACK.


"Dramatic Doom Metal - huge riffs and great emotions!" - Deaf Forever (GER), 7,5/10

"'King Heavy' is one of the best Doom albums of the year for sure!" - Metal Invaders (GR), 4,5/6

"Doom Metal with heavy riffs and brilliant moments!" - Queens Of Steel (E)

"Recommended for you next Doom trip!" - Kalle-Rock (GER)

"Doom Metal with an epic angle! A fine debut!" - White Room Reviews (NL)

"These dudes know how to create monumental and tasty hooks!" - Ondes Chocs (F)

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