OMEN / BATTLEROAR "Up From The Deep / Stronghold" 7''

OMEN / BATTLEROAR "Up From The Deep / Stronghold" 7''

OMEN and BATTLEROAR together for the release of a split 7’’ on CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC!

When it comes to the world of EPIC METAL, OMEN and BATTLEROAR are two names that do not need much introduction. OMEN (USA) was formed by guitarist Kenny Powell in 1983 and since the release of their debut album “Battle Cry” on Metal Blade Records have set the standards for the genre, while Greek BATTLEROAR, founded in 2000, are one of the most-valued and long-lasting active bands, releasing 4 albums in 17 years of activity.  

OMEN’s “Up From The Deep” sounds as if it was taken directly from “Battle Cry”… War cries introduce the legendary OMEN sound, with Kenny Powell painting a majestic tapestry of guitar notes above which Kevin Goocher delivers a brazen complimentary vocal performance.  


BATTLEROAR’s “Stronghold” is in the same style as the fastest and heaviest songs on their last album “Blood Of Legends” (Cruz Del Sur, 2014). It shows a massive rhythmic session, great leads and Gerrit’s classic, epic and melodic vocals. 

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