SACRED LEATHER "Ultimate Force" CD

SACRED LEATHER "Ultimate Force" CD

Leather & Chains! Rafter-reaching vocals and scorching solos, SACRED LEATHER  IS Heavy Metal!!!

"Another recommendable insiders' tip!" - FFM Rock (GER), 8,5/10

"These Americans have found the blueprint of heavy metal." - Zwaremetalen (NL)

"Excellent!" - Rock Hard (GR), 8,5/10

"Feel-good heavy metal sound with screaming riffs, wicked hooks and just a touch of thrashy metal here & there." - (UK), 8/10

"Crispy and solid Heavy Metal grenades!" - Rock It Magazine (GER), 8,5/10

"Listening to Ultimate Force is like a shot of adrenaline!" - Wonderbox Metal (UK)

"Traditional and well produced Heavy Metal that captures the spirit of good old times!" - Metal Only (GER), 8/10

"For a debut, 'Ultimate Force' has a lot to offer!" - Mega Metal (GER), 8/10

"Definitely a band to keep an eye on!" - Lords Of Metal (NL), 77/100

"These guys are celebrating their love for Heavy Metal with commitment and conviction!" - (GER), 9/10

"Fans of modern metal: stay away! Great album!" - Metallian (F), 5/6

"A charming Classic Metal album!" - Legacy (GER)

"A great debut which sounds like an undiscovered gem from 1986!" - Deaf Forever (GER), 8,5/10

"All in all 'Ultimate Force' is indeed a force to be reckoned with!" - Decibel Geek (UK)

"A very convincing reincarnation of pure heavy metal!" - Rock Hard (SK)

Melodic and heavy - an album for everyone who likes classic sounds!" - Metalbrothers (E), 8/10

"Sacred Leather is onto something golden here." - The Median Man (UK)

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