HAMMER KING "Poseidon Will Carry Us Home" LP

HAMMER KING "Poseidon Will Carry Us Home" LP

Available in BLACK (300) and BLUE (200) vinyl!

Cover Artwork by Timo Würz!

"Hammer-Time! This album is a huge step forward!" - Deaf Forever (GER), 8/10

"Hammer King delivers!" - Metal-Only.de (GER), 10/10

"Bright shining battle hymns!" - Stormbringer (A), 4/5

"Driving riffs, unerring solos and catchy melodies!" - Metal Hammer (GER)

"The band has managed to get a more distinctive sound on this album!" - Lords Of Metal (NL), 84/100

"Fans of traditional power metal will love this." - Musika.be (B)

"This third album is a positive surprise!" - Heavy-Metal.de (GER)

"Their strongest album so far!" - Hellfire-Magazin.de (GER)

"Catchy, but heavy songs that stick immediately!" - Heavy Music Blog (GER), 8/10

"Outstanding! This album approximates to old Manowar classics!" - Powermetal.de (D), 9/10

"Hammer King are just a lot of fun sending out good vibes with their energetic metal!" - GBHBL.com (UK)

"Hammer King have good prospects in the battle for the 'swords & sorcerers’ empire's throne." - Legacy (GER)

Great power metal, loaded with immutable riffs and directed by memorable choruses." - Kaosguards.com (F), 15/20

n enjoyable album for all fans of power and epic heavy metal!" - Metalbrothers.es (E)

"This band is in good shape! True heavy metal!" - Metaleyes.iyezine.com (I) 

"Entertaining! Keep an eye on this band!" - Totentanz (GER)

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