HAMMER KING "Kingdom of The Hammer King" LP

-46% HAMMER KING "Kingdom of The Hammer King" LP

Gatefold edition, including 1 bonus track and download card!

"Four men attack the beast with a big metallic hammer! There is still hope for power metal!" - Devilution (DK), 4/5

"Everyone who likes 'Legacy Of The Kings'-era Hammerfall and the pathos of old Manowar will feel at home here!" - Crossfire (GER)

"Power, speed and passion! Recommended to all Metal fans! Thumbs up!" - Kalle Rock (GER)

"True metal with a good dose of innovaton and esprit!" - Stormbringer (A), 4/5

"This band throws you back directly to the 80s!" - Legacy (GER)

An album that balances power with intelligence, perseverance and a certain epic appeal!" - Secret Of Steel (IT), 4,5/5

"Heavy Metal in all its splendor!" - Spirit Of Metal (F), 14/20

"A must-have if you like true and power metal!" - Queens Of Steel (E), 8/10

"Powerful guitar riffs to bang your head to! A very promising debut indeed!" - Metal Temple (GR)

"Hammer King will do well with fans of epic power metal!" - White Room Reviews (NL)

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