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WHEEL - "Preserved in Time" LP II PRESSING

WHEEL - "Preserved in Time" LP II PRESSING
WHEEL - "Preserved in Time" LP II PRESSING
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Black Vinyl, Insert & Download Code.

True, epic doom of the highest order in the vein of Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and Trouble!

 On their first studio album in eight years, Preserved in Time, Germany’s Wheel delivers seven songs of brooding, emotional doom that promises to be an early 2021 favorite! 


"A masterpiece, musical ambrosia!" - Loud and Proud (IT), 88/10, Over the top

"Well-executed, well crafted and well worth your time." - Distorted Sound (UK), 8/10

"A fully successful record - Doom Metal shines again thanks to Wheel!" - All Around Metal (IT), 4/5

"Without a doubt the best Wheel album to date." - Rock'N'Roll Monuments (GR)

"High-class and enthralling Epic Doom!" - FFM Rock (DE), 9/10

"Doom with style, in the wake of the big names." - Metalhead (IT), 8.5/10

"Sensational!" - Time For Metal (DE), 9.9/10

"This is highly impressive!" - Crossfire Metal (DE), 9/10

"A near perfect epic doom metal release filled with emotion, power and lyrical magic." - Ave Noctum (UK), 9.5/10

"Titanic sized riffs, hooks and emotionally enchanting vocals - the bar setter for doom in 2021!" - (UK), 9.5/10

"With their new album, Wheel move up into the premier league of German Doom Metal." - Musikreviews (DE), 12/15

"Full of weltschmerz!" - Totentanz (DE)

"Essential listening for doom fans, and highly recommended for everyone else." - Angry Metal Guy (UK)

"Doom on the highest level!" - My Revelations (DE), 13/15

"This is the epic Doom highlight of this year so far!" - Hellfire Magazin (DE), 10/10

"Great band!" - Musika (BE), 87/100 

"A coherent and strong album!" - (DE)

"A grandiose masterpiece of epic Doom Metal!" - Metal Only (DE), 9.5/10

"Their most mature album so far." - Greekrebels (GR), 8/10

"Wheel create an oversized Epic Doom monument!" - (DE)

"'Reserved In Time' shows Doom in its natural environment." - Streetclip (DE), 9/10

"The European Doom scene is doing well and Wheel is part of these great groups that have good years of careers to come." - Metal Alliance (CH)

"With 'Preserved In Time', Wheel have created a work of timeless excellence." - Sentinel Daily (AU)

"Sensational!" - Time For Metal (DE), 9.9/10

"This album is stellar, a music maelstrom you can’t and won’t escape from." - Heavy Music Blog (DE), 9/10

"Powerful and elaborate songs!" - Femforgacs (HU), 9/10

"We are dealing with a Doom Metal masterpiece!" - Metal Invader (GR)

"With this album, Wheel position themselves as one of the most interesting doom bands on the current European scene." - Metalbrothers (ES), 8/10

"An album full of atmosphere and featuring an exceptional vocalist." - Queens Of Steel (ES), 8/10

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