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LORD "The Second Coming" CD

LORD "The Second Coming" CD
LORD "The Second Coming" CD
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LORD was the brainchild of the extraordinary singer Guy Lord that in the mid-80s was the frontman of the speed metal masters BLOODLUST and had contributed some classic tunes such as "Ride to Death". LORD is a whole different story. While appearing as a hard rock band due to the biker outfit of the band members, this album is nothing more and nothing less than a molten heavy power metal release with ingenious song writing and very original compositions.

The album was originally released in 1988 by Golden Bear Records and it has become a highly sought after item on vinyl. So, we managed to secure the album license for a limited release on LP and CD, featuring remastered sound and fat booklet with lyrics, old photos, posters and interview with the founder of the band Guy Lord.

Expect nothing less than supreme U.S. steel through amazing compositions like "Mr Death", "Back to the Asylum", "Leather Queen", "Promises" etc. HAIL!!!



1. Promises
2. Burnin'
3. Mr. Death
4. The End
5. Snow
6. Love Machine
7. Back To The Asylum
8. Leather Queen

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