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SEPTAGON "Deadhead Syndicate" LP

SEPTAGON "Deadhead Syndicate" LP
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SEPTAGON "Deadhead Syndicate" LP
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Specifically mastered for vinyl, available in LMT PURPLE (150) and REGULAR BLACK (350) vinyl.

Includes A3 poster and insert with lyrics, plus download- card for digital files !

Old-school speed/thrash metal band with the aggression of Exodus, Slayer and Testament and the melody and technical appeal of Forbidden, Heathen, Realm, Watchtower. 
Featuring members of Atlantean Kodex and Lanfear!

"Thrash with class!" - Deaf Forever (GER), 9/10
"Newcomer of the month!" - Rock Hard (GER), 8/10
"Demanding Speed Metal with top-class vocals!" - Legacy (GER), 13/15; Tipp!
"This will be one of the highlights of 2016!" - Strike! (GER), 8,5/10

"A great album that will leave speed/thash metal fans totaly satisfied!" - Metalzone (GR)
"Top-notch compositions!" - XXL Rock (GER), 6/7
"A fantastic first album, displaying a highly-developed song writing talent with sharply-honed technical skills!" - Rock N Reel Reviews (UK), 4,5/5
"This is quite promising and lays the foundation for a lot more in the future!" - Grande Rock (GR)
"If 'Deadhead Syndicate' would have been released back in the 80s, it would belong to the classics of technical speed/thrash metal now!" - Totentanz (GER)
"A homage to early speed/thrash bands!" - Bleeding 4 Metal (GER)
"A fine album that will appeal to fans of both thrash and heavy metal!" - White Room Reviews (NL)

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