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DARK FOREST "Beyond The Veil" CD

Includes 12-page booklet with exclusive Duncan Storr's art + stickers.

"An album full of joy, melancholy and beauty, full of power, full of passion… simply a must for all those who like Heavy Metal!" - (GER), 10/10, Soundcheck Pos. 1 !!!
“Complex, ambitious, majestic - one of the best traditional heavy metal albums of the year!" - Deaf Forever (GER), 9/10, Soundcheck Pos. 5 !!!
"The best traditional metal album of 2016!" - Strike! (GER), 8,5/10
"A radiant album!" - Scream Magazine (NO), 5/6
"Dark Forest are really starting to embody everything that English metal has been about since the days of Iron Maiden and Saxon. " - New Noise Magazine
“‘Beyond the Veil’ takes UK metal to the next level. 10/10!” - Ave Noctum
"DARK FOREST have created a masterpiece!"
- Metal Only (GER), 9/10
"Great, overflowing melodies!" - Rock Hard (GER), 8/10
"Their best album so far! Highly recommended!" - Metal Heads (GER)
"'Beyond The Veil'  is a beautiful little hit!" - Metallian (F), 4,5/6
"Excellent music! Catchy and tightly played!" - White Room Reviews (NL)
"Twin guitars meet elements of folklore! DARK FOREST continue on their own path!" - Metalbrothers (E), 8,25/10
"Unique and wonderful!" - Antichrist (UKR)

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