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WALPYRGUS "Walpyrgus Nights" LP

WALPYRGUS "Walpyrgus Nights" LP
WALPYRGUS "Walpyrgus Nights" LP
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Features 56-page comic book with lyrics!


1. The Dead Of Night
2. Somewhere Under Summerwind
3. Dead Girls
4. Lauralone
5. Palmystry
6. She Lives
7. Light Of A Torch (WITCH CROSS cover)
8. Walpyrgus Nights

Jonny Aune - Vocals
Scott Waldrop - Guitars
Charley Shakelford - Guitars
Jim Hunter - Bass
Peter Lemieux - Drums
Tom Phillips - Keyboards, Guitars


"Debut of the year!" - Loud and Proud (IT), 90/100, 'Over the top'

"Lots of cool ideas and a good dose of harmonies!" - Scream Magazine (NO)

"Amazing first effort!" - Kaosguards (F), 18/20

"The perfect soundtrack for your next cabriolet ride!" - Neckbreaker (GER), 8/10

"Extremely melodic rituals!" - The New Noise (IT)

"Chirpy grave hymns! Rock on!" - Metal Underground (A), 4/5

"Overall, the debut album of WALPYRGUS is a promising blend of power, heavy and rock, with sprinkles of punk and horror imagery!" - Metal Temple (GR)

"Pure ecstasy for all disciples of melodic 80s steel!" - Rock It! (GER), 8,5/10

"An album that makes you smile from start to finish!" - Ave Noctum (UK), 9/10

"Well composed songs!" - Legacy (GER), 12/15

 "A strong debut albuml!" - Crossfire (GER), 8/10

"For all Metal nostalgics who miss the fat sounds of the 80s! Can't wait for more!" - Metalfactory (CH), 9/10

"Highly recommended for fans of US Metal!" - My Revelations (GER), 11/15

"A sublime mix!" - Rockportaal (NL)

"The fun is unmistakable!" - Mega Metal (GER), 8,5/10

"An authentic heavy metal longplayer that includes heart and soul!" - Heavy Music Blog (GER), 8/10

"No fan of traditional, highly melodic Metal can pass this album!" - (GER), 9/10, Soundcheck Pos. 1 !!!

"If you're a fan of the latest albums of High Spirits und Twisted Tower Dire, you'll love 'Walpyrgus Nights'! Awesome debut!" - Deaf Forever (GER), 8,5/10

"Listen up, US Metal fans!" - Rock Hard (GER), 7,5/10

"This album combines hard rock, heavy metal and punk into a very successful whole!" - Amped Up (BE), 80/100

"Fine songs! You can hear their joy of playing!" - Lords of Metal (NL), 81/100

"A great album with lots of melodies and power!" - Musikansich (GER), 17/20

"A remarkable and spirited effort!" - Amboss Mag (GER)

"This album teems with great songs!" - Handwritten Mag (GER), 4,4/5

"If you enjoy The Night Flight Orchestra, Ghost and High Spirits you shouldn't miss this debut!" - Metal Hammer (GER), 5/7

"A radiant Heavy Metal jewel!" - (GER), 8/10

"A record of pleasant listening and elegance!" - Queens Of Steel (E)

"THE summer album of this year! Masterpiece!" - Strike (GER), 9/10

"Highly melodic and energetic!" - Aardschok (NL), 75/100

"An exciting album offering excellent guitar harmonies and a great vocal performance!" - Secrets Of Steel (IT), 5/5

"You can absolutely hear and feel that the guys had a great time composing these songs!" - Metalbrothers (E), 8/10

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