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Seven songs of ambitious and equally aching doom APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE delivers another masterpiece in DOOM METAL!!!

"Soul purification of the highest order and on a captivating musical level!" - (GER), 9,5/10, Soundcheck Pos. 1 !!!

"Fans of the genre should definitely risk an ear!" - Musikansich (GER), 16/20

"Apostle Of Solitude offer us some magical moments!" - Necromance (E), 8/10

"This US quartett belongs to the most honest and authentic acts of the genre - and this new album underlines it again!" - FFM Rock (GER), 8,5/10

"Handsome SloMo-work!" - Mega Metal (GER), 8/10

"This band knows how to doom!" - Battlehelm (SWE), 4/5

"All things considered, APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE are definitely a band to keep an eye on." - Distorted Sound Magazine (UK)

"Heavy doom riffs with the weight of a bulldozer - but catchy!" - (NL), 85/100

"A great example of classic doom metal - intense and always evocative in its variations." - Rock Hard (I), 8/10

"Momentous doomy tracks, filled with bitterness and aching beauty." - (UK), 8,5/10

"Mandatory for every traditional Doom fan!" - Zwaremetalen (NL), 84/100

"First class!" - Musika (B), 82/100

"This is Apostle Of Solitude through and through. Modern frills? Hell no!" - Lords Of Metal (NL), 81/100

"As catchy and memorable as ever, with heartfelt vocals and music that use emotion like a weapon." - Wonderbox Metal (UK)

"Already one of the top Doom albums of 2018!" - Tracks (CH)

"A cool album for friends of lethargic slowness." - Legacy (GER), 11/15

"This album overflows with energy." - Metallian (F)

"Pick this one to feel the Doom!" - Metal Temple (GR)

"Passionate and timeless Doom! Great album!" - Deaf Forever (GER), 8,5/10

"This new album does not only love and follow the traditions, it also creates an own character." - Femforcags (HU), 8/10

"The quartet manages to create a flawless flow throughout its compositions." - Rockway (GR)

“Brilliant guitars! There is something fresh about this band." - The Median Man (UK)

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