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TIR "Demo 1984" 7''

TIR "Demo 1984" 7''
TIR "Demo 1984" 7''
TIR "Demo 1984" 7''
TIR "Demo 1984" 7''
TIR "Demo 1984" 7''
TIR "Demo 1984" 7''
TIR "Demo 1984" 7''
TIR "Demo 1984" 7''
TIR "Demo 1984" 7''
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TIR’s 1984 demo tape was unearthed and resurrected on 7” vinyl EP by our friends at Ace Records Roma and by our local metal club Metal Resistance (we’re proud members of!).


Italian Heavy Metal band TIR burst out of Rome’s underground in 1980.

Their impressive live shows featured walls of Marshalls, fire numbers and live snakes on stage.

In 1985 “Amsterdam”, was included in the compilation LP Metallo Italia (here is a cut version of the original official video:

Throughout the years TIR never compromised, maintaining their classic metal approach. Both musically, with their traditional NWOBHM-inspired sound. And visually, as if time had never passed.


In an age where many sound old school, TIR is the real deal. Check them out and spread the word!



SideA – Amsterdam
SideB – TIR


LINE UP 1984:

Sergio Bonelli: guitar
Danny Antonini: guitar
Frankie Force: vocals
Tommy Conti: Bass
Fausthor: Drums


Limited 7” includes: exclusive woven patch, 2-sided poster/insert with tons of awesome never-seen-before photos, postcard specifically reprinted from the original 1984 cliché and individually signed on the back by all band members from the original lineup.

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