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HIGH RISK "Dawn At The Alamo" CD

HIGH RISK "Dawn At The Alamo" CD
HIGH RISK "Dawn At The Alamo" CD
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High Risk from San Antonio, Texas was formed in 1985 and offer killer US heavy/power metal with high-pitched vocals and powerful guitars attaining also a tight rhythm section.

That back at 1987 and 1989 High Risk recorded 2 demos (with 7 songs each) and released only for radio play and friends.

Arkeyn Steel Records came in contact with Joe Gonzalez (Guitarist and mastermind of the band) and finally release for the very first time on CD both tapes!

“Dawn At Alamo” CD includes “High Risk” (Demo 1987) and “Dawn At Alamo” (Demo 1989/90), 14 tracks in total, over 50’ minutes of US metal, capturing the band’s first period. NOTE: NO filler stuff here!

All songs have been remastered by Kostas Scandalis (Wardrum, Horizons End) at Infinity Studios and will be presented on a great deluxe jewel CD package, with a 12-page UV glossy booklet, featuring brand new cover by CadiesArt, unpublished vintage photos, band story and lyrics!

High Risk deliver all ingredients for the ultimate 80s US Heavy/Power METAL sound and all believers of FATES WARNING (Arch era), JAG PANZER (Ample Destruction era), HADES (first two albums era), HELSTAR, RIOT get ready for battle… true 80’s underground US metal is coming!


  1. Cry
  2. Dawn at the Alamo
  3. Love or Murder
  4. City of the Dead
  5. Dealer of Death
  6. The Final Sign
  7. Land of Oz
  8. High Risk
  9. The Battlefield
  10. Lost Dreams
  11. Suicide
  12. Lost Forever
  13. In Your Worst Nightmare
  14. Does It Feel the Same

1-7: Dawn at the Alamo (Demo 1989/1990)

8-14: High Risk (Demo 1987)

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