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FOREVER "Forever" CD

FOREVER "Forever" CD
FOREVER "Forever" CD
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The wait is finally over! ENFORCER’s Jonas Wikstrand’s solo-project FOREVER will release its self-titled debut album  on April 19, featuring 10 tracks that no fan of classic rock will be able to disregard.

The band’s combination of catchy melodies, classic rock, large choruses, and orchestral and electronic arrangements will take you on a trip more than thirty years back in time, to the time when rock was king, yet with its own touch and an incredibly tight and organic production.

“Forever” was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered entirely by Jonas with the exception of some noticeable guests on lead guitars: Olof Wikstrand, Eirik Røland and Johan Hjalmar Wikstrand.

Released on Evil Confrontation Records.

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