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CHEVALIER "Dawn of Battle" DLP

CHEVALIER "Dawn of Battle" DLP
CHEVALIER "Dawn of Battle" DLP
CHEVALIER "Dawn of Battle" DLP
CHEVALIER "Dawn of Battle" DLP
CHEVALIER "Dawn of Battle" DLP
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Medieval Speed Metal! The sold out demos available again on a deluxe Double LP edition!

Dawn of Battle" includes Chevalier's early and now completely sold out releases: " A Call to Arms" and "Chapitre II". Plus the song "The Greed of the Cross" from the 7'' split with Legionnaire.

500-copy Limited Gatefold DLP edition with a beautiful layout courtesy of Annick Giroux.


Under The Sceptre (A Call to Arms)

The Sorcerer (A Call to Arms)

The Awakening (A Call to Arms)

Chevalier (A Call to Arms)

Ride for Revenge (A Call to Arms)

Defenestration (A Call To Arms)

Greed of the Cross (Split)

The Messenger (Chapitre II)

Wrath Of Steel (Chapitre II)
The Curse of the Dead Star (Chapitre II)

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