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WITCHCRAFT "Egos Never Die" CD

WITCHCRAFT "Egos Never Die" CD
WITCHCRAFT "Egos Never Die" CD
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Tony Drozdjek's WITCHFRAFT "Egos never die" demo has been on many collectors' lists for quite some time, being one of the most exciting Scandinavian 80's metal demos, originally released in 1987 on cassette format. The band was playing a highly innovative mix of NWOBHM with classic heavy metal recalling bands like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, ANGLELWITCH, combined with eerie keyboards and dark lyrics leading to immortal tracks like the title-track, "Black Message", "The Omen" etc.

After working closely with Tony Drozdjek, founder, main composer and guitar player of the band, we are presenting a high quality reissue featuring almost every song the band ever recorded including the classic "Egos never die" demo. All songs have been remastered and  the booklet received our trademark treatment featuring band story, lyrics and super cool photos from the 80s as well as more recent ones from the band's short lived reunion.

Get ready for a haunting trip to an exciting era delivered through the amazing melodies of WITCHCRAFT, who easily rank among the most interesting music releases ever to come out of Norway.

Limited to 500 copies.


Egos Never Die (1986-88)

1  Egos Never Die
2  Schizophrenia
3  Vexillarius Illiricus
4  Egos, Slight Return

664 The House Next Door (1983-1985)

5  Pennsylvania
6  The Eternal Balance
7  The Black Message
8  Pain
9  The Omen
10  Ride

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