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ANCIENT EMPIRE "Priest of Stygia" CD

ANCIENT EMPIRE "Priest of Stygia" CD
ANCIENT EMPIRE "Priest of Stygia" CD
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The new chapter in the saga of the ANCIENT EMPIRE is a departure from the usual sci-fi themed content. Instead, it is an epic adventure inspired by Robert E Howard's Conan chronicles. Crack a cold one and join the world's most famous barbarian on his quest for battles, wenches, and eternal glory! With a special guest solo guitar appearance by Cederick Forsberg, shredding on no less than 5 tunes.

12-page booklet with UV-coated glossy cover.


1. Immortal
2. Beyond The North Wind
3. The Priest Of Stygia
4. Island Of The King
5. Burn Another Liar
6. Nine Worlds
7. Every Man My Enemy
8. Alone Against The Savage Hordes

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