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TYRANT "Legions of The Dead - 30th Anniversary Edition" CD

TYRANT "Legions of The Dead - 30th Anniversary Edition" CD
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TYRANT "Legions of The Dead - 30th Anniversary Edition" CD
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California's TYRANT were formed in the late 70s, but their first demos came in 82. The band signed to Metal Blade in 83 and in 85 their debut album "Legions of the Dead" assaulted the most dedicated metalheads ears in North America, then spreading all over the globe, earning a solid fanbase in Europe. The Album was during two months in Kerrang Magazine Top 10 Import Albums and got rave reviews everywhere. Their sound could be compared with other labels successful acts such as Trouble and Omen but in a league of their own, Tyrant cemented their own style (image included) which some like to call "Apocalyptic Metal".

For a long time that this album was not released on CD in europe, so Blood & Iron decided to work directly with founder and Bass Player Greg May to deliver an expanded 30th year anniversary edition with rare bonus tracks taken from their first rehearsal demo recorded on the 3rd October, 1982. This demo has 7 tracks and it was transferred only very recently, from 2" Reel Tape, directly to digital to be featured for the first time as an anniversary present from the band and the label to the fans.

The graphic content also was carefully put together through 24 pages, with many rare photos, memorabilia pics and an extensive biography written by Greg himself with all the information that fans want to know.

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