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FER DE LANCE "The Hyperborean" DLP

FER DE LANCE "The Hyperborean" DLP
FER DE LANCE "The Hyperborean" DLP
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"These Americans succeed a big hit with their debut album!" - Deaf Forever (DE), 8.5/10, Soundcheck pos. 6 !!

"Definitely a band you should keep an eye on." - Metal Hammer (DE)

"'The Hyperborean' offers a remarkable depth and an obvious complexity." - (FR)

"A good record from start to finish!" - (IT)

"An impressively original epic metal debut!" - Musikreviews (DE), 12/15

"Intensive music!" - (DE), 8/10

"A masterful epic!" - FFM Rock (DE), 9/10

"An absolutely perfect mixture of repeatedly flashing Bathory pathos and a Doomsword-like singing voice." - Metal Only (DE), 9/10

"Truly barbaric!" - (DE), 8.5/10

"If you want a truly unique metal experience, 'The Hyperborean' is exactly that. Enjoy!" - Metal Rules (UK), 5/5

"More than just a record, 'The Hyperborean' is a disturbing journey." - Rock Hard (IT), 8/10

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