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ACHELOUS "The Icewind Chronicles" CD

ACHELOUS "The Icewind Chronicles" CD
ACHELOUS "The Icewind Chronicles" CD
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Formed in Athens, Greece, in 2011 by Chris Achelous as a one-man project, it took no long for ACHELOUS to evolve to something different. In 2013, ex-REFLECTION singer Chris Kappas joined forces and ACHELOUS became an epic metal band. After demo and EP releases, in 2018, the band released its first full-length album entitled "Macedon" receiving excellent reviews from fans and media. Following the album's release, ACHELOUS performed in festivals like Malta Doom Festival and Riddle of Steel, sharing the stage with bands like DEMON, ANCIENT RITES and ATLANTEAN KODEX, among others. A few more live shows followed, establishing ACHELOUS as a powerful live metal act.

The second full-length album "The Icewind Chronicles" is a combination of thunderous and straight-forward epic heavy metal with atmospheric passages that create a sound bringing in mind elements from bands such as BATTLEROAR, REFLECTION, IRONSWORD, even BATHORY. The atmosphere and the melodic parts alongside the lyrics that are based on R.A. Salvatore’s Icewind Dale trilogy add a strong epic vibe with the storytelling being a key aspect of the album.

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