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TRIAL "Scream For Mercy" LP (BLACK)

TRIAL "Scream For Mercy" LP (BLACK)
TRIAL "Scream For Mercy" LP (BLACK)
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"Lord Of Darkness" Edition (Limited to 150 copies)

Black 180gr Vinyl
350 gsm thick cover sleeve + black polylined inner sleeve
Special 2 page insert with tons of rare pictures, lyrics and story of the band
Legendary 80's Belgian metal for fans of MERCYFUL FATE, EVIL, VORTEX, THRUST etc. Reissue of the CULT 1985 EP with special bonus songs!

TRIAL from Belgium, simply need no introduction to any fan of quality European heavy metal from the 80's. They only did a vinyl album back in '85 that featured an amazing blend of classic heavy metal with up tempo speed metal that the last years has become highly sought after by collectors and music fans.

Comes with remastered sound, lyrics, band story, super cool 80's photos and of course the original tunes of the legendary "Scream for mercy" EP getting the sound treatment they always deserved!


Side A:
1. Victims Of This Earth
2. Lord Of Darkness
3. Master Of The Valley
4. Lost In Love
5. Scream For Mercy
Side B:
1. Don't Say Goodbye
2. Heavy Rock In Town
3. Intro / Sign Of Evil
4. Real Illusion
5. The End Of The World

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