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WITCH "Still Alive?" LP (BLACK)

WITCH "Still Alive?" LP (BLACK)
WITCH "Still Alive?" LP (BLACK)
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"Black Winds" Edition (Limited to 150)

Black 180gr Vinyl
350 gsm thick cover sleeve + black polylined inner sleeve
Special 2 page insert with tons of rare pictures and story of the band

Straight forward 80's Swedish steel with great riffs, vocals and choruses that stick to your mind. For the first time on vinyl, compilation of the best songs by this cult Swedish band!


Side A:
1. Queen Of The Dark
2. The Last Breath
3. Still Alive
4. Black Winds
5. Crucifixion
6. Bass Solo

Side B:
1. Soldier Of The Future
2. I'll Never Forgive
3. Mean Machine
4. Nightmare City
5. Lights Of The Dying City
6. The Answer Is Cruel

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