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SPELLBOOK "Deadly Charms" CD

SPELLBOOK "Deadly Charms" CD
SPELLBOOK "Deadly Charms" CD
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Armed with a dual-guitar assault and nine instantly memorable compositions, York, Pennsylvania metallers Spellbook return with their brilliant sophomore outing, Deadly Charms! 

"A good choice for fans of 70s rock and epic metal!" - Legacy (DE), 11/15

"Good fun mixture of doom, hard rock and NWOBHM!" - (DE), 8.5/10

"Like the early Trouble, Spellbook also allow NWOBHM attitudes in their vintage doom concept." - Rock Hard (DE), 8/10

"'Deadly Charms' shows the band evolving with their sound and continuing to develop their own identity whilst delivering an excellent album in the process." - Powerplay Magazine (UK), 9/10

"The darker shades of 70s hard rock combined with mystical heaviness." - Fligh Of Pegasus (GR)

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