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SORDID BLADE “Every Battle Has Its Glory” CD

SORDID BLADE “Every Battle Has Its Glory” CD
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SORDID BLADE “Every Battle Has Its Glory” CD
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"Heroic metal with a lot of warrior pathos!" - Rock Hard (DE), 8/10

"Obscure and epic! This album works best when listened to in its entirety." - Scream Magazine (NO)

"When epic metal collides with emotional atmosphere - it’s a record worth listening to." - Metal Invader (GR)

"Recommended to fans of epic metal!" - Zephyrs Odem (DE), 8/10

"Sordid Blade have delivered a decent album that can be played over and over again." - Metal Digest (INT), 80/100

"This is a strong release with an excellent piece of cover art. The purists will enjoy this." - Ave Noctum (UK), 8/10

"An eccentric and authentic gem!" - (DE)

"Back to basics -
if you love epic metal, it's worth a listen." - (IT)

"A really solid epic metal album." - (DE)

"A pure expression of the genre." - Metalhead (IT)

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