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ATLANTEAN KODEX "The Pnakotic Demos " CD

Originally released in 2007, "The Pnakotic Demos" EP sees the light again, after being out of print for a long time.
This re-release comes with a newly designed 8-page booklet, including new liner notes.
It will also include more than 30 minutes of bonus material, which was previously unreleased or available only on vinyl, with a total playing time of almost 70 minutes!

Fans of early MANOWAR’s epic sound and BATHORY’s “Hammerheart” era should take note because “The Pnakotic Demos” is more than just an anticipation of ATLANTEAN KODEX first full-length “The Golden Bough” scheduled to be released via CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC on 2 October 2010.  This is an unrelenting force of epic doom metal from the band which has been named by the critics as “the best heavy metal to have come out of Germany in recent years”, an inspiring and subtly gloomy attack to your hearing sense.

The bonus tracks are:

The Atlantean Kodex (demo version with Phil Swanson)
The hidden Folk (Metal Coven version with Phil Swanson)
A Prophet in the Forest (demo version)
Marching Homeward (live at Keep it True 12)

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