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BIBLE OF THE DEVIL "For the Love of Thugs and Fools" CD

BIBLE OF THE DEVIL "For the Love of Thugs and Fools" CD
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BIBLE OF THE DEVIL "For the Love of Thugs and Fools" CD
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Sixth full-lentgh album for Chicago's rockers BIBLE OF THE DEVIL! 
For the Love of Thugs and Fools is a collection of raging Rock n' Roll songs that encapsulate the band's saga musically and personally over the years since the last full-length.  Returning to Phantom Manor studios in Chicago to work with engineer Mike Lust, who has engineered numerous BOTD recordings in the past, the band sought to emphasize their trademark bludgeoning two-guitar attack and mammoth hooks with an increased attention to soaring, anthemic vocals. 

Release date (Europe) 15/6 - shipping starts 6/6!

Press Quotes          

“An extremely good, band that harken back to the glory days of heavy metal such as Thin Lizzy, Priest and of course Maiden and all of the rest of the late 70s and early 80s metal bands. The type of songs that just get into your brain and sit there on repeat, hour after hour until you just can't wait to put the album on and hear them again.” – Scratch the Surface Webzine [Rating: 8/10]

“The latest addition by Bible of the Devil rocks out for a full 45 minutes and hardly lets up long enough for you to fuel up your hog so you can continue on the road. The entire unit shines on For Love of Thugs and Fools.” – Metal Blast

“The return of Bible of the Devil and their album is a definite burst of energy and quality which can only add to the rock music around right now and will please and find approval from all who take a listen to its strong and rewarding sounds.” – RingMaster Review

It’s very much their own twist of a classic sound. The melodic sensibilities are well done, and there are plenty of interesting hooks and tempo changes… And it’s really fun, which is something that many have forgotten how to have.” – Blistering

For the Love of Thugs and Fools is Bible of the Devil doing rock n roll their way: melodic and catchy, heavy and formidable, daring and diverse. This could be the most accessible Bible of the Devil to date. Dig it.” – Danger Dog [Rating: 4.5/5]

A solid slab of MotörheadKiss, and AC/DC-influenced rock ’n’ roll celebrating those most hallowed traditions of sex, drugs, and kicking ass.” – A.V. Club (Chicago Reader)

“Tease your hair and strap on your cowboy boots, this one will bring you back to the glory days!” – Axis of Metal

BIBLE OF THE DEVIL have their way with British style Rock, even slight early NWOBHM glitches, but with a full gained heaviness.” – Metal Temple [8/10]

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