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PHARAOH / CANVAS SOLARIS "Tribute to Coroner" 7''

PHARAOH / CANVAS SOLARIS "Tribute to Coroner" 7''
PHARAOH / CANVAS SOLARIS "Tribute to Coroner" 7''
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  • Model: vinyl 7''
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The record is simply titled "Tribute to Coroner" and already looking at the cover (a pure citation) it is clear that this release has a particular spirit: pay tribute to one of the seminal thrash metal bands of the 80s, Swiss CORONER, band originally produced by Tom G.Warrior of CELTIC FROST.

PHARAOH covers "Tunnel Of Pain", one of the Swiss' power trio most famous songs to date - it will indeed bevery interesting for PHARAOH's fans to see how Tim Aymar will pull such a different style from the band's other releases!

Eccentric CANVAS SOLARIS are instead literally reinterpreting an original version of "Arc-Lite" (an originally instrumental song, of course!), confirming the band as one of America's most interesting metal combos around today.

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