FOOLS GAME "Reality Divine" CD

-92% FOOLS GAME "Reality Divine" CD


An international concept band put together by both American and European musicians, featuring members and ex-members of such bands as Ark, Malmsteen, TNT, Redemption, Manticora, Pharaoh and Division.

Line up:

Matt Crooks (ex-Division) - Guitars and Bass
Lars F. Larsen (Manticora) - Vocals
John Macaluso (Starbreaker, ex-Yngwie, ex-ARK, etc.) - Drums
Nick van Dyk (Redemption) - Keyboards
Matt Johnsen (Pharaoh) - Lead Guitars

Featuring guest vocals of Tim Aymar (Control Denied / Pharaoh) on 'The Conqueror Worm'.

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