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DARKEST ERA "Severance" CD

DARKEST ERA "Severance" CD
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DARKEST ERA "Severance" CD
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“Excellent, well rounded and heartfelt metal.” – Worm Gear Zine

“If you love The Last Caress of Light as I do, then you will also love Severance.” – Last Rites

“This is Celtic metal redefined, the next wave of the Irish scene.” – New Noise (5/5)

"Die auf zwei Positionen umbesetzte Belfast-Truppe greift das Thin-Lizzy-Erbe einmal mehr gekonnt auf, metallisiert das Ganze aber in Primordial-Tradition, ist dabei allerdings melodischer, zugänglicher, passt in ein homogenes Miteinander von Skyclad, Doomsword und auch Atlantean Kodex." (Rock Hard)

“The band utilizes songwriting as its greatest strength with tremolo picked guitar riffs and memorable vocals being featured throughout.” (4/5)


“The core is melodic Maiden-esque metal — harmonized guitars and clean-sung choruses full of bluster and power — but Darkest Era incorporate anything and everything, from black metal tremolo riffs to folkish doom, all bent to the will of classic songwriting.”  Stereogum

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