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R.I.P. SAW "An Evening in Chaos" CD/DVD

R.I.P. SAW "An Evening in Chaos" CD/DVD
R.I.P. SAW "An Evening in Chaos" CD/DVD
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After many years, R.I.P.SAW (having also members of BORN OF FIRE) reunited for a documentary that was presented in independent film festivals, about their youth and the dreams they had. After the documentary, they decided to record some new songs also, and altogether, along with the old material, are presented in this release.

01. Evening in Chaos
02. The Tempest
03. The Serpentine Deluge of Serendipity
04. Enter Thy Kingdom
05. Make Us Crazy (bonus track)
06. Born in the Grave
07. The 7th of Never
08. Cry Danger
09. Bitch
10. RIPSAW Attack
11. Brain Damage
12. Mental Instro
13. Violence
14. Drunken Hillbilly Jug Band

Tracks 01 – 05: "An Evening In Chaos" recorded in 2013. Produced by Chris Cambell & RIPSAW

Tracks 06 – 14: "Skulls For Lunch", previously unreleased material recorded in 1987. Produced by Mark "The Shark" Shelton

Disc 2 is a professionally DVD documentary filmed in Phoenix, Arizona USA for the 25 year RIPSAW reunion. The documentary was presented in independent film festivals.


The release comes with quality 16 pages booklet and great artwork by artist Kostas Tsiakos, known from his work with WARLORD.

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