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PHARAOH "The Longest Night" CD

PHARAOH "The Longest Night" CD
PHARAOH "The Longest Night" CD
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vast and adventurous album, full of bold songwriting, larger-than-life guitar, and a performance that cements Tim Aymar (Control Denied)‘s standing as one of the most commanding voices in metal.
Like no other album, The Longest Night is at once telepathic and electric, ancient and consummately evolved.

A must-have album!!!

"For fans of American heavy metal look no further than Pharaoh to lead us all to metal’s holy land in 2006"UNRESTRAINED MAGAZINE: 9/10

"This thing smokes from start to finish...Very highly recommended.""METAL REVIEW.COM 5,5/6 

"The Longest Night' would more accurately be described as one of the year's best heavy metal albums."BLABBERMOUTH 9/10

"Essential for fans of pure, no bullshit, melodic heavy metal. This band MUST be discovered!!" PYROMUSIC.NET 9,5/10

"This really is a stunning piece of work, and an album I’ve literally had to force myself to take out of the CD player in order to review other things. Buy, or pose forever.""TREEHOUSEOFDEATH.COM 9/10

"Top 5 Album without question for 2006 and possibly of the current decade twofold.""LIVE 4 METAL.COM

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