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SOLITARY SABRED "Redemption Through Force" CD

SOLITARY SABRED "Redemption Through Force" CD
SOLITARY SABRED "Redemption Through Force" CD
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Forged in the sounds of the glorious 80s Power Metal, the new album of SOLITARY SABRED from Cyprus is a shocking masterpiece of its kind.

Album of the Month in the Greek Metal Hammer magazine (January 2015)
with great reviews:
"Redemption Through Force is the kind of album that we'll be using as a point of reference" - 9 out of 10
"This type of raw masterpiece should be part of every conscious metal collection" - 9 out of 10
"If your finger hovers near the pause button, a battle axe comes out and chops it off" - 8 out of 10
"Dramatic tension, that doesn't allow you to wonder off for a single minute" - 8 out of 10


"Redemption Through Force" was private released in summer of 2014 in only 300 copies and now is officially re-released by No Remorse Records so  everyone will have the chance to get this masterpiece of Power Metal.
Highly recommended for fans of 80s US Power Metal and bands like HELSTARJAG PANZERSANCTUARY and CAULDRON BORN.

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