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Since the beginning of its activity in 2003, CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC has shown a peculiar ability and good taste in chosing the bands to work with, building a strong reputation among the Heavy Metal fans.

Paying particular to the American METAL scene, CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC has released some of the finest bands in the genre (PHARAOH, SLOUGH FEG, CRESCENT SHIELD, HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE among the others) offering professional services combined with a real passion for music.

The official CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC e-store is divided in different categories, which can be accessed and browsed by the menu on the left.

We hope you will enjoy being one of our customers as hundreds have done during the past years... we are always ready and willing to satisfy your thirst for HEAVY METAL! ears, and hope to satisfy your thirst for HEAVY METAL!

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