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Cover artwork by Adam Burke.BLACK Vinyl.Includes 4-page booklet with exclusive artwork by Lupe Vasco..
Release date: June 14!LIMITED BLOOD RED (150), Insert & Download Code. A Stone Engraved in Re..
Release date: June 14!BLACK VINYL (350), Insert & Download Code. A Stone Engraved in Red by R..
Release date: June 14! A Stone Engraved in Red by RAVENSIREIMPORTANT: Pre-orders of LUNAR SH..
New THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG album in 5 years!Release date: JUNE 14 New Organon by SLOUGH FEG..
Vinyl release of the 1990 demo. 5 tracks of skull crushing death thrash in the spirit of Razor, Kr..
 Originally released in 1984, the debut album of the cult metal warriors from Honolulu, Hawaii,..
180 gram vinyl housed in gatefold sleeve including 8 pages LP-sized booklet with many photos, lyrics..
Black vinyl, ltd 250, insert, Occult Gypsy Heavy Metal Darkness for fans of Mercyful Fate, King Diam..
Black vinyl, ltd 250, handnumbered, incl. Killer DIN A5 - 16 - pages Comic Artwork / Booklet (MARVEL..
Ground-zero, catalog number “Cruz01” and the album that started it all for Cruz Del Sur Music,&..
The new BATTLEROAR album! The follow-up to 2014’s “Blood Of Legends” was recorded at ..
KING HEAVY's "Guardian Demons" reflects the most visceral edge of  their first EP "Horror Abs..
Limited to 350 copies, BLACK vinyl. Includes Insert + download card. KING HEAVY's "Guardian Demons..
New,  two-song 7-inch from Vultures Vengeance, a band who immediately impressed critics and fan..
Sixth full-lentgh album for Chicago's rockers BIBLE OF THE DEVIL!  For the Love of Thu..
13.00€ 3.00€
Hailing from Chicago, IL, Bible of the Devil is a four-piece rock n' roll metal assault squad..
6.00€ 1.00€
  Crescent Shield’s debut album “The Last of my Kind” was unexpectedly..
12.00€ 3.00€
Formed in April of 2005 by rhythm guitarist David E. Gehlke, Crown the Lost is lauded as "mu..
12.00€ 1.00€
The philosophy behind Dark Forest has always been to play exciting, rousing, heartfelt heavy meta..
13.00€ 5.00€
"Ein stimmiges Album." (Time for Metal, D)  "Dark Forest levert met '..
13.00€ 8.00€
Gatefold DOUBLE LP with 2 bonus tracks / 4-page booklet and download card! ..
20.00€ 10.00€

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