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ARDUINI/BALICH is the result of two very powerful figures in their own right of the metal scene. VICTOR ARDUINI needs no introduction being one of the founding members of FATES WARNING, same can be said  for BRIAN “BUTCH” BALICH, the mighty voice of ARGUS.

“Dawn Of Ages”
is one of the most ambitious records ever released on Cruz Del Sur Music. A monumental piece of music, a rollercoaster of emotions, an album that captures the collisions of two worlds, progressive and doom.

The final result is a really amazing journey inside human soul. Through six original compositions that last for more than an hour, the audience will be captured and hypnotized by the eclectically familiar Victor’s guitar melodies empowered by Butch’s passionate interpretation.

Indeed “Dawn of Ages” is an album that could have been easily recorded in the mid/late 70s for the total dedication that transpires through each and every note of it. It is not an album that wants to please any old or new trend in metal, rather an intimate expression  of two musicians who have always put their passion for heavy music before anything else.

“Dawn Of Ages” will be released in a deluxe 6-panel digipak embellished by a wonderful, original Michael Cowell’s (Alunah) artwork.


"Heavy riffs, powerful voice! This combines classic Heavy Metal with progressive edges and  authentic Doom!" - Aardschok (NL)

"There is an almost a 'Wall of Sound' created by textured guitars and vocals. Definitely a dark and doomy vibe throughout." -  Progressive Power

"A powerful project! An offspring of While Heaven Wept, Fates Warning and Dio-Black Sabbath might be called ARDUINI/BALICH!" - Strike Magazine (GER), 9/10 

"This is one of those debuts that unexpectedly catches you by surprise, but above all for the quality that treasures" - Metal Brothers

"The perfect fusion between sombre doom and pure heavy metal!" - Metalbrothers (E), 9/10

 "Firmly at the forefront of the progressive doom subgenre." 8/10 -

"Big-riff, big-melody, big-voice epic doom metal. A wonderful triumph." - Metal Bulletin Zine

"If I had to describe it in one word: Monumental." - Tradicion Metalica

"Giants of the progressive heavy metal scene." - JP's Music Blog

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