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KING HEAVY "Guardian Demons" CD

KING HEAVY "Guardian Demons" CD
KING HEAVY "Guardian Demons" CD
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KING HEAVY "Guardian Demons" CD
KING HEAVY "Guardian Demons" CD
KING HEAVY "Guardian Demons" CD
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KING HEAVY's "Guardian Demons" reflects the most visceral edge of  their first EP "Horror Absoluto" and the sophisticated side of "debit's King Heavy" ... but closer to traditional Heavy Metal and to the darkest Epic DooM!
Two years in the making, the album leads to the most classic sound of Trouble, Judas Priest melted with the sound of Northern Europe as Minotauri or Reverend Bizarre !!!!
Featuring HOODED PRIEST’s singer Luce Vee and founding PROCESSION ex-bassist Daniel Saa, the band will embark on an European tour in October 2018 performing at the Doom Over Vienna festival among others.

"A seasoned effort that is memorable, heavy, and deserves multiple rotations on any doom playlist." -, 8/10

"Epic doom metal with a decent level of musical skill makes ‘Guardian Demon’ to an album that will surely help the band to widen their fan base." - Heavy Music Blog (GER), 8/10

"This release certainly becomes stronger with time." - Ave Noctum (UK), 7,5/10

"KING HEAVY have done some fine job here, especially due to the unique vocals by Luce." -

"A great mixture of honest Epic Doom and traditional Heavy Metal." - (GER), 9/10

"KING HEAVY manages to forge a footprint of its own." - (F), 16/20

"An exceptional album, delivering quality and memorable doom all the way through." - (UK), 8,5/10

"Doom-fans should definitely risk an ear." - (A)

"An album in the great tradition of classic Heavy/Doom." - (F), 3,5/5

"Puristic Doom with an atmosphere swinging between melancholy and pure darkness." - (GER)

King Heavy continue taking firm steps and consolidating as a band of quality and consistency within the field of heavy doom." - (E), 8/10

lassic doom steeped in epic, pride, pathos and solemnity." - Giornale Metal (I), 8/10

"'Guardian Demons' is heavy, big and grooving!" - The Median Man (UK)

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