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HERZEL "Le Dernier Rempart" CD

HERZEL "Le Dernier Rempart" CD
HERZEL "Le Dernier Rempart" CD
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On their long-awaited debut album, Le Dernier Rempart, French epic metallers Herzel not only champion vocals that are sung in their native tongue but they unleash a concept born straight from their native region of Brittany! 

"Irresistible melodies, hyper catchy choruses, colourful arrangements!" - Thrashocore (FR), 9/10

"This month's top release of traditional heavy metal!" - FFM Rock (DE), 9.5/10

"Originality is a priority in Herzel's sound." - Metalinside (DE), Tipp

"One of the most promising newcomers in European metal!" - Rock Hard (DE), 8.5/10

"A feast for friends of slightly progressive Epic Metal." - (DE), 8/10

"This should find a place among the most successful heavy albums of recent years." - Seekers Of Music (FR)

"A young band that finds its own way." - Legacy (DE), 12/15

"One of the most independent releases in the traditional metal cosmos." - (DE), 9/10

"Quality and charisma!" - Metalbrothers (ES)

"Herzel's music is just as diverse as the Brittany landscape." - Streetclip (DE), 9/10

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