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ADAMANTIS "Far Flung Realm" CD

ADAMANTIS "Far Flung Realm" CD
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ADAMANTIS "Far Flung Realm" CD
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"A rather widespread dynamism, capable of making each piece sparkling and varied." - (IT)

"Delicious power metal!" - Hellspawn (BE), 87/100

"First class songwriting!" - Totentanz (DE)

"A very harmonic and completed album." - Vampster (DE)

"This shortens the waiting time for the new Helloween album." - My Revelations (DE)

With the songwriting quality and musicianship on display here, Adamantis are certainly ones to watch in future." - Distorted Sound (UK)

"A good first album, offering us sounds that feel like early Power Metal from the late 80s and early 90s." - Metal Express Radio (INT)

"There is epicness, great melodies and well executed compositions and vocals." - Reflections Of Darkness (DE), 9/10

"A bridge between European and North American power metal!" - Rock Hard (DE), 8/10

"A strong album with entertaining songs!" - Metal Only (DE), 8/10

"Definitely recommended for fans of the genre." - Rock Garage (DE), 8/10

"They really transported me to the time that Power Metal was at the forefront of Metal music." - Metal Temple (INT), 8/10

"Adamantis takes us to past glories of European metal." - (DE), 8.5/10

"Well done and very pleasant to listen to." - All Around Metal (IT)

"They bring back memories of the 90s, in a beautiful and somewhat refreshing way." - Metalzone (GR), 80/100

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